Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rare Coins of British India

For more information and pics on British India Coinage click here. Queen Victoria Mohur-1841-DL Five sections in dress panel(1862 rupee) It has been found in 1862 Rupee B II MADRAS MINT Unrecorded variety of 5 Sections in the dress panel. It was struck with Half Anna Die which had 5 sections on Dress panel with different embroidery. Victoria Queen 1854-Two-Mohur 1939 Rupee(The most admired Rupee in British India Coins) 1911 1/2 rupee (many must have just heard about it) 1/2 Anna pattern 1908 King Edward Victoria Queen-1860-Pattern Rupee 1840 Rupee(symbol unheard of..) Madras-Presidency-Half-Mohur 1862-0-3Dots-Mule 1862 Rupee AII-0-9-Dots 1877 Victoria Empress Rupee-AII-No-Dot 1942 King George Rupee with Countermark-PGAH King GeorgeV 1910-Rupee-Pattern King William-Two-Mohur King William-One-Mohur

Half-Pagoda-1807 Very Rare Bengal Presidency Gold mohur Murshidabad Mint RUPEE 1849 PROOF(EAST INDIA COMPANY) More Rare coins comming soon.........